Thursday, June 18

Hello Bloggers,
Thank you for your prayers and advice. I do have an Attorney. I went to see him yesterday. He said that $38,000 of my Dads medical should of been billed to Secure Horizon and NOT medical. But I still have to pay the $60,000 He asked me if I wanted to walk away let them fore-close and me try and buy it back.Thats to risky. I cant do that. Keep praying prayer warriors. God has brought me thru this 11 months and somethings going to work out. I just know it. Well tomorrow My Church is going camping for three days. I do get to go for the day.Since I have to work,I cant stay over night, But Im just greatfiul to be able to say I half to work.Its been hard here for alot of people.So sad.... Forecloser signs on every street.And tons of Estates sells.I went to one. And I began to see their items. things they collected.kinda seen how they lived.I could tell an elderly couple must of lived there.How sad. I felt like a Vulger rifling thru someones belongings and had to leave. So sad. I hope all of you are well and taking things one day at a time.Remember God never puts on us more then we can handle.Smile and enjoy every moment with a loved one. Trial comes your way Say here we GROW again.Cuz your going to come thru it smarter and stronger.As my good frien Sis. Monica told me WELCOME TO THE TRIAL CLUB.
Blogging off for now


  1. John I am glad that you contacted an attorney but the news is pretty gloomy for you. Times are tough right now and I have heard in Ca. especially. You sound like a very capable person and you may get through this if you persevere.

  2. John what lovely memories you have of your Dad ~ he must have been very proud of you ~ and you of him ~
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers hoping everything comes out best for you ~ Ally x

  3. I am sorry that the news you got wasn't too good...but John keep praying and I will keep praying for you on this end..God doesn't give up John...He will see you through...