Thursday, January 8

Weekend Get away


Hello Everyone,Ive been away a little while.I took a much needed weekend away.My sister Trisha and I went to Placerville.About 45 miles east of Lake Tahoe.My Sister Bonnie and her husband Scott have a two bedroom cabin on two acres there.It was so nice.The drive up was a little foggy.Got there around 5p.m. That night my sister made dinner and then we watched amovie called Eagle Eye. Very intense movie, About the government controling everything cell phones,laptops street lites etc.its just crazy..Anyways It was nice to hang out, Saturday they took us to the new Indian Casino.Called Red Hawk(SHHHHH ,Dont tell Pastor or let him read this .LOL I didnt gamble???I went there for moral support.My sister Bonnie has an addiction to the slots...(wink wink.) I did win $42 on the penny slots.Then we went to visit my nephew Larry. He lives a little higher up,They had snow.(Something you dont see where I live.)We all sat around playing the new Uno game.I laughed so hard at my Sister Bonnie.The game made her a nervous wreck.she would scream every few seconds.I took lots of pictures for you all to see. And then I discovered a new setting on my camera called FORMATTING.So i pressed it.Dont do that.I lost over 300 pictures.Instantly,I was so angry at myself. Well you live and learn.Now Im home and been reading all your Blogs. I love reading The Chicken Chronicles, Yellow brick Road and of Course Sugar Shack, theres really to many to name.I enjoy all of yours.Im now share your stories with my family.Hope everyone is doing well. And stay dry..Please continue to pray for baby Shaylynn next tuesday is her surgery.

Until next time



  1. yikes! that's a lot of pictures to loose! but your getaway sounds like it was a lot of fun anyway!!! welcome home.

  2. Good Saturday to you John :) It sounds like you had a good time on your get away. Oh the dreaded formatting! I feel your pain of losing those pictures, 300 is a massive number to lose. I am so flattered that you like to read my journal. :) You know the whole reason I started journaling? Because I was scolded and ousted by a country message board...because I talked about my chickens too much!!! ;) OH well, I got my own place now, and I can talk chicken all I want. I hope your having a good weekend. It is cold and overcast and rain is coming in today in my neck of the woods. Thats winter for Hugs, Kelly

  3. Whoa! that's a lot of photos to lose. thanks for the tip about not touching Formating. Yikes! i'll still keep your baby in my prayers. Blessings!~kbear

  4. Hi John thanks for coming by to see me!! I would be upset about the pictures too. I am like you God and my family are my heart and soul. That movie Eagle Eye has a part in it that was filmed about 15 minutes from my town!!