Thursday, January 29


This is my Sister Barbaba Jean Pimentel Green. Today is her 60Th Birthday.Born Jan.29Th 1949, We lost her July 3rd 2005. I wasn't going to add her Birthday wish to My Blog. Since the last entry was of my Moms ,(There Birthdays are 4 days a part,. And both have passed on) I don't want to be writing sad stories all the time. But I've come to the conclusion that I must post this. You see My Sister was and is very special to me. She being the oldest and me the "youngest"...... one would think we wouldn't have anything in common or be so close.Oh but we were.. I love my "BIG" Sister, All 4'11'' of her. She could hold her own to anyone who messed with her Family.Or her two daughters,Jeanette and Tammy.(Ive posted their picture's on my side bar. (Each one resembles their Mom, in their own way. )Barb could swear like a sailor on friday and Sing like an Angel on Sunday. Her and I would take road trips to See our Sister Bonnie in Placerville. (Two hour drive) And we would be talking the whole way.And before we knew it we were pulling into Bon's drive way Even though she had a yearly mammogram they didnt detect it in time .Barbara passed away from breast cancer . Now days Woman can request a sonogram which gives a more accurate screening. To the woman readers please get your mamograms done and dont hesitate to ask for the sonogram test...


  1. hb to your sister in heaven. i know she's proud of her little brother. :)

  2. she would be so proud. I am a big sister to 3 younger brother. so I know the pride of being the oldest!

  3. I know loosing a sister isn't easy. I just lost mine. Happy Birthday to yours in heaven.