Tuesday, December 23


Well I am a Happy Camper tonight(literally)Nug and I are out in the Motor home .Granted it is parked in the driveway.But one can dream of being Camped along a lake.

My niece and her Husband arrived today.Along with their two Kids,Connor age 6 Hunter age 3.They drove from Texas.We have not seen them in three years.My Sister Trisha(the one that had the hurt leg) couldn't wait to meet her Grandson Hunter and get reacquainted with Connor.My niece Misty with whom I nicknamed her" Nelly" (After Nelly Olsen on Little House on the Prairie) was glad to be back home.She grew up in Grandma &Grandpa's house.She looked around at the changes that Dad had done and the new ones I'm making to the house. She said it doesn't seem the same.She turned toward me and I could see tears in her eyes.This is her first time back Since Grandma passed in 03 and Dad June 29Th 08.That kind of saddens me that it doesn't feel like Grandpa&Grandmas house any more and more like "Uncle Johnny's"But I' ve got to keep moving forward that's what they taught me,So good to hear little feet running on Grandpas new wooden floors and the laughter of everyone talking and reminiscing of old times.Several of my nephews and their wives' came by.I have the Master bedroom so I put Misty and her family in there, and Me and Nugg are CAMPING.I haven't been in this Motor home since Dad and I camped a week before he passed.I do miss him.So many memories.In other news.I got a letter today from Wells Fargo,I knelt down and prayed before opening it asking Gods Blessing upon it.I opened it and it was GREAT NEWS.THEY GRANTED me an extension to allow me time to get my loan approved.Thank you bloggers for praying ,its working,I pray I get to keep my HOME. Well tomorrow is Christmas Eve, I cant wait to read your blogs and read your latest adventures.
Signing Off for Now


  1. nice to hear many of your famil members are there, that's wonderful. a big family Christmas!!!
    also happy to hear the news about your home, God works in mysterious ways & He is in control. Prayers are powerful stuff!

  2. Hope you and yours have a very happy holiday!

  3. good morning john and merry christmas to you and your family!

  4. Hey What's up man! Thanks for your comment on my blog. So Mo-town huh? I used to frequent Modesto a few years back i had a lady friend out there so I know all about cruising McHenry and what not! lol. Well anywya, thanks for your comment bro, swing by any time. God Bless you and I hope ur christmas was great!

  5. Hey John. i will actually be moving to another church in Vacaville called the Fathers house. It really is an amazing church. Honestly I can't wait!

    Wow a supercenter on Mchenry, Thats amazing! lol I should go visit it. i seriously havent gone to Modesto in years. I have thought about visiting but the possibility of running into my ex does not allow me to enter the city limits, lol. Anyway, take care bro!

  6. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! glad you have family around to enjoy during this season. may you be blessed with all the love & joy..kbear