Monday, December 15

Journey To Bethleham

On thursday.I rode with Elias ( My Pastor) We took some of the youth. To Ceres a small town near Modesto. A Church there puts on a re- inactment of Journey to Bethleham.They really do a nice job.We waited out in the cold 2 1/2 hours. There were so many people. Finanlly it was our turn, They use about 100 acres to recreate the Journey that Joseph&Mary took to Behtleham.We went in groups of 32.Two woman dressed as Bible charaters Sarah &Ruth were our guides..Our first stop was a man dressed in Bible Character ,As he walks out of his tent he explains to us to pass the Jordon river, And to beware of the the Roman Soldiers.So we began walking ..And The Roman soilders appeared on horses and on foot.They yelled at us and asking us where we going,Sarah spoke for our group.She said we are trying to get to Bethleham.The Romans made us stand shoulder to shoulder,One of the Soilders stopped at me. And asked where are you coming from?I got nervous and said from over there,My Pastor standing beside me tried not to laugh.The Romans yelled, hes the one take him away. So they took me away.I went into a tent out in a feild.My group waited for me.They were told to keep their eyes down.The purpose of this was us for us to feel what the Jewish people felt. After a short time I walked back to my group.We walked on .We stopped at the three wise man.They were dressed in charater and live animals stood all around them.An Angel appeared in the bushes(Just like the story in the Bible) And told us Of the Mesiah being born this night.It was an awesome expeience.We walked on and ended at the stable where Joseph Mary and baby Jesus were staying the night.It was a great night..And of course Elias was making us ALL laugh.If you have any Christmas stories share them here.
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  1. nice entry & sounds like you had a wonderful time.
    nice that almost every church has some time Christmas experience around this time of year.
    have missed you visiting my journal & commenting lately, pray all is ok.

  2. Hey John :) Stopping over to say hello and thankyou for stopping in and leaving such nice comments over on my blog. I am just a simple gal that has fulfilled her dreams of becoming a country gal with lots of animal friends, but if you like that kind of thing, then I am the one to see. ;) Sounds like you had a great time from the sounds of this entry! Hugs, Kelly