Monday, December 22

Its Merry Christmas,Not Happy Holiday

Hello everyone.O.k I want to start off with a small complaint.Today I was at my local LONGS DRUG STORE (Im there three to four times a week.)I do all my developing there for our Church Pictures.I was at the check out counter,all around me.I read signs that said.Holiday gifts here,Holiday CardsHere,Holiday Trees Here. I cant stand the word HOLIDAY now.I know originally it meant Holy day. But not now.They have replaced Merry Christmas with Holiday.Back to my thought.So im a t the check out paying for my items.The clerk hands me my change.I tell her Merry Christmas.There was dead silence.You could hear a pin drop. And then there it was.She said NOTHING. Not a single word back to me.Not even a whisper of Merry Christmas,C'mon people.whats is this world coming to. Instead of Of being greatful for a Child that was born.We are now greatful for getting a deal on that lastest X Box.Our mentality is I must get it for little Timmy.Dont get me wrong,thats nice.But the true gift is reminding someone that their not alone,They dont have to carry a burden anymore,That God loves them and will never leave them nor forsake them. That Xbox is only good til the next I gotta have it item comes out.Please tell five people MERRY CHRISTMAS and say with a Smile


  1. I agree, to a point.
    I use Happy Holidays to refer to the time between Thanksgiving & New Years the season).
    I use Merry Christmas for Christmas Day, to honor our Lord Jesus Christ.
    So, I'm not offending by others saying Happy Holidays, unless they're refering specifically to Christmas only.
    I do get offended by people writing Xmas, & taking Christ out of Christmas!!!
    As you know, I've been a minister for MANY years, & have found different people (& diff ministers) have different feelings re this matter.
    Not arguing with you, I respect your opinion. Just stating a comment.
    Merry Christmas John.

  2. Good afternoon John. :) I agree, its Merry Christmas. December the 25th IS Christmas, so why not just say it, thats what it is! At this time of year, some folks are just glad to still have a roof over their head and food in their pantry. Times are lean, Xbox's dont mean too much when you look at the necessities in life. To me, Christmas is all about spending some quality time together with family and friends and remembering why there is a Christmas. SO....MERRY CHRISTMAS JOHN! You and your family have a wonderful one and a Happy New Year :)