Tuesday, December 2

Baby Shaylynn need's prayer

Hello everyone,I thought Id write about my great neice.Her name is Shaylynn.Im asking for prayers.She will be going in for surgery.They half to go in and strectch her skull.Her brain doesnt have any room to grow.They call it the soft spot area on the babys head.Im asking for all the prayers We can get.Gods hand be upon the baby.Also this is her BIG sister Lily(named after my Mother) And thats their mom Darlean.Asking for a lil prayer for her to for strength,comfort.Thank you all for stiopping by.Remember liv,luv,lagh


  1. such adorable kids pics. :)
    and the baby is precious, all are gifts from God.
    will pray for her & family today & also light a candle for her.
    may God bless...

  2. John, Prayers have been said, they will remain in my thoughts. What a scary thing for the family.

  3. The child has us as well her mom. Here Clink will offer up her best and I'll thjnk naught but good thoughts for the whole family this trying time.

  4. Thanks for droppin' by my journal. the kids are beautiful and i'll keep Shaylynn in my prayers. I know in my heart she'll be fine. Blessings~kbear

  5. hey John, my son is stationed in Iraq. at the moment i don't have any information as to who to contact to send care packages overseas for the military. try a local military recruiter. in the meantime i'll see if i can find some information for you. hugz~kbear

  6. hi again..i just got an email from USO.org seeking aid for our soldiers. go to that link for more infomation that may help your group to support our troops.~kbear

  7. Thanks for stopping by my journal. My pryers go out to that baby and the whole family! Yes that is a black clock and it is kinda big could be the same one. :)

  8. Hello John, Sorry I am so late with commenting. I checked the comments tonight on my other journal and was surprised to see 12 comments.. don't get emails for that journal. Do pray that your little neice is doing alright. Bless her heart. Saying prayers for her. Wishing you a very blessed week with LOTS of blessings, Janie

  9. Hi John I will be praying for Shaylynn.
    Just heard our littlest grandson report from cardiac pediatrition (sp)
    Oh the little ones...
    Pleased to meet you and your family. You are just a bit younger than my son.
    I love to look at the family pictures as it seems to allow us to connect.
    May the Lord continue to bless you on this journey we have on this temporary Earth we call home for now.

    Love Alberta LORI