Friday, October 31

Found My Way Over From J-Land

October 31st 2008
Wow. I can't believe it,I found my way over from J-Land. of course I lost my journal and all my pictures. from"JOHNS WORLD" I didnt know how to transfer it over, So I must start a new one.
It rained today, we need it here in Northern California. I was concerned though.We had an activity planned for the kids tonight.We put it on, so the kids don't go out and trick-or-treat. Its just not safe anymore. So a group of us at my Church get together and have games, lots of candy,food, candy, Jolly Jumpers,candy. Did I mention the candy. We collected 300 hundred pounds of candy . Sorry Parents, remind them to dont forget to brush....As you read my blogs you will find out that Church is a huge part of my life. Dont know what I would do without God, I lost my parents in the last three years My Dad June 21rst. 2008 My Mom July 10th. 2005 But with the prayers and friend ship of my Family and Church, God gives me the strength somehow to get thru it. One day at a time. This tree is in memory of my Dad, It is a peaceful place
Well Im looking forward to hearing from you all, And taking this adventure together
. Blogging off for now. J.P.


  1. we made it from j-land, sorry we lost our home htere...but we can make it a good place here. :)i didn't transfer mine either, just copied & pasted a few past posts.
    God is a big part of my life too, as you prob already know. i don't have a home church since moving here, never found one that i felt was 'right' for me. sorry to hear of the loss of your parents, but know you'll see them again one day. {{}}