COVID19 living life in social distancing

                                          people wearing face masks is the new norm                                  God bless all the medical responders Hello everyone, I hope your all doing we;;.These are crazy times were living in. It feels like we are living in a bad sci fi movie, Day 50 something of self isolation and social distancing. Wearing face masks and gloves in the bank. grocery stores have become the new norm. Nowadays  if I see someone not wearing a  mask, I immediately want to distance myself from them. I work with the elderly. They are a high risk for this crazy cornavirus They have been staying in their apartments for over a month now. .Scared, missing their families. Doing everything they can to stay safe They are trying to find ways to continue living a somewhat normal life. The other day while I was at work  I heard singing coming from the C wing done the hall. I walked down to check it out. Standing in their apartment doors ways 10 feet apart were


Thought Id share a few pictures from our Bible School activity.I feel so blessed to be a part of our Community kids outreach ministry. It was a lot of work, but so worth it. We decided to have an out door activity where the kids could play and have fun in a safe environment. They sure did, they laughed and ran around getting each other wet. We were able to get the youth involved. no cell phones no electronics for two hours it was as if Id gone back in time.  Oh what a feeling,  God bless the children.                                        The little ones playing waters games and have a blast                                                          Planning his next attack lol   After the water games. We gathered up the children by age groups and did a candy reign                                             Volunteer help made animal balloons for the kids


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Saturday June 8th 2019 Hello Bloggers, Just stopping by to say hello to all of you and thought Id share an idiotic thing that I did, my I.Q. Its  dropping with every word read lol.  I recently went to the doctor with, not one but two ear infections. my doctor prescribed antibiotics eardrops, use twice daily. I thought to myself great this will take the pain in my ears away and I would be feeling as good as new before to long Right  Nope not John.                                                                I placed the ear drops on my dresser next to my eye drops(You see where this is going? I sure didn't....literally. Sunday afternoon I was getting ready for Church. Had my music on, clothes ironed and ready to go. Nuggett (my dog) wa


Hello its been awhile, Life has been busy, California has had some crazy rain & snow recently.We no longer are in a drought.After three years of not seeing drop of rain  we finally have steady rain and abundance of rain. For that I'm am gratful. Now my concern turns to the homeless people out in the cold wet nights.(Keep them warm Lord).The picture above is of my Pastor and close friend of 25 + years.He is Citizen of the year.I was so happy that he won. 2016 was challenging for him, he suffered a heart attack Oct 2nd while preaching at a friends Church.He had two stints put in and is recovering. We never really knw what life is going to throw our way we need to always make time for our Family and our friends. Put the cell phone down at dinner and have face to face conversation live in real time and laugh a lot with dear friends. I will close here for now and will try to blog more. The sound of the rain coming down is putting me to sleep lol Thanks for taking the time to read m


We live in a time where everyone is obsessed with staying connected, We post photos of our food,We feel the need to let people know we are waiting in line at  the DMV,Addicted to  emojies(putting a smilies face at the end of a text.)We can video,take a picture, type a letter,order food, listen to music  watch a movie,And see photos  of a strangers trip to bora bora..all with our dell phones.Yet we can't make eye contact  when standing next to someone,  we automatically pull out our phones and eyes shift down and there is silence.We are losing out ability  to have a conversation. No need to take the time to dial a number and carry on a conversation  we can just text and Multi-task.We need to wake up people before human conversation  becomes extinct. I'M DONE RANTING I NEED TO POST THIS AND CATCH UP MY READING ON FACEBOOK   PIMENTEL 


Merry Christmas bloggers,I had a great time with my family,I enjoy having them at my house.Laughing and eating hanging out We also went to Gallo Arts and seen The Nutcracker. I am gratful for so may things.I hope you all had a great Christmas  and a blessed New year in 2016  Sister Trisha, Dee,Bonnie Me and Sis We got selfish sticks for Christmas  lol.Sorry my blogging has become scarce lately.Happy New Year!!!!


The title says it all.I weigh in at 204lbs Put back on ten pounds of the 25 I lost Doctor put me on a diet to lower colesterol).There is no excuse as to why I went on a snack binge.Life has been stressful lately.....July 17th I took my Sister to the emergency room she was very sick.Her vision was in and out.She couldnt stand up.She bacame very confused.The hospital ran alot of tests. The Doctor said her liver was inflamed.Sis had been sneaking alcohol again, after 3 years sober she relapsed.The doctor told me."I am going to put it blunt to you, Your probably going to lose your Sister"I prayed God help her , to help herself, Give us strength to get through this difficult time.Having lost three siblings you become numb, scared . A Minister and his wife from my Church came up to the hospital and prayed for my Sister.The next morning I walked into her she was awake and sitting up having lunch and talking, her confusion about 80% gone.I was so happy..... Yes I ate her dessert (