Wednesday, November 19


Sitting here at home recovering from major dental work, Last Thursday I went to my dentist and she said my top teeth could not be saved.They had to come out.16 teeth total.I sat in in that chair praying like never before.She kept me awake during the procedure.12 shots and 2 1/2 hours later I sat there grateful that it was over, Well at least that part of it.I came home in pain, swollen and couldnt talk, Nuggett kept staring at me like "Now what? Why wont you greet me?"I tried to tell her, but sounded out of it and she shook like a 3.0 so I crawled in bed and babied her as I tried to rest.I started thinking about how women go thru alot to give birth, They are brave.God knew what he was doing when he created women to give birth, 
Now its been a week and Ive been resting, Eating only soup&oatmeal. Tomorrow I go for impressions and hopefully in two weeks I will have my top dentures, Its been 15 years since I showed any pearly whites.I have to google how to hope you all have a good day and don't forget to brush your teeth! !!!


  1. Oh John..How my heart goes out to you to have to visit the dentist. It is the one thing above all in the world that I fear with the greatest fear imaginable I am terrified of dentists...Thankfully teh good Lord gave me nice string teeth and I have only had to visit a dentost on a couple of occasions. I dread ever having to go again. I once hear a theory of you held on to your teeth till 70 you were on for I have only a couple of months more t live and I will be in the clear !!!! I was surprised to see that your dentist did not replace your teeth immediately I think most dentist do that over here in the UK. ( I remember my late sister having all her teeth out and replaced on her 21st Birthday ...some present,, but it was to save having to pay to have them removed, the dentist put that her birthday was one day later !! and she was home from her job as a Nannie in Germany)...anyway I would still rather have my other leg chopped of than visit the dentist ... Good luck next week...take care x

  2. No fun! I hope you are feeling a lot better! Take care! Sheila

  3. Pops brushes my teeth, I don't really appreciate it but the liver flavored toothpaste is OK. Here's to smiling,